My Hanging Canvases, Framed Wall Art, Mounted Fine Art Prints and Albums are world class.  They are hand crafted by the best in the business, unique and one offs.

Recently I photographed a groom at his family home and on the wall was a framed portrait I had shot over 20 years ago. Talk about blown away. And it was still timeless, hanging proudly in their living room. Made me tear up.

My whole reason for what I do what I do.

I charge an affordable and fair shoot fee to cover my time and hours preparing your images. After that you order what you like.

While I am all for having a copy of your images on USB, too many leave it in the draw, not having the time or the expertise to do anything with it. What a waste hey !

Beautifully printed photos and framing to me is the reason for having a shoot, not for getting a handful of crappy Kmart prints which will fade in time.

I don’t offer what is called ” shoot and burn ” . Which means digital files on USB only.
I am too in love with my job and care too much about the work I shoot to have a zillion Kerin Kmart prints out there.

Some of my packages have some or all digital files with incredibly beautiful prints or frames.

Art Prints from $15

Matted Art Prints from $25 

Packages from $650 

Canvases from $400

Framed Fine Art Wall Prints from $280

Albums from $850