A little about your Shoot

My shoots are a happy, feel good experience. Loving, gentle and non cheesy. A mix of candid and quiet direction, keeping it relaxed and calm

Gone are the days of smiling and looking directly at the camera. While I get some of these, it’s mainly laughing, love and cuddles that are the most captivating portraits.

A shoot goes for an hour, this is just the right amount of time for it to not be rushed and me to capture lots of beautiful moments.

Times are during the week and weekends.

They take place outside as I love nature and soft filtered light. I shoot at the best time of day, early morning and late afternoon.

I use lovely locations around the Adelaide Hills, Fleurieu and Adelaide.

Please be open to the possibility to travel up to an hour.

You may need to get up earlier than normal or change your evening routine a little to get the best light. It is so worth it !

Come along and leave your day behind. Be completely present for this hour with your  gorgeous, special people

Types of Shoots

Immediate family
Extended family
Generation Shoots
Oldies, Grandparents
Maternity, Expecting Families
Couples, Engagement, Anniversary

Babies need to be sitting up on their own
Or at least 2-3 months old.
I am an outdoor family photographer.
Newborn is a specialized field that I don't offer

Shoot Times

These are for Full Shoots ( not Mini Session weekends )

8am, 9.30am

Thursday 5.30pm, 6.30pm ( dusk )

Saturday 5.30pm

Sunday 8am, 9am

Times vary as the days get longer / shorter and seasons change.
Some times may be tweaked a bit depending on the location.

If you can make an 8am or 6.30pm, at this time of year, the light is softest and lovely.

Currently for October, November, December


Locations I use are

National Parks, Gardens, Orchards, Olive Groves, Forests, Beaches, Sand dunes, Fields, Wildflowers, Bushlands, Reserves and more.

At times, I will do a block of shoots in the one location as it is seasonable and there for a short time.
Autumn scenes in April / May, Blossom Orchards in August, Wild flowers in September and December, Sunflowers in January

I love the beach in Autumn and Winter for the soft light, shorter days and snuggly layers.

We will chat and choose a location that works.
So many options !


Weekends I am booked up 3 months in advance. I may have a gap or two, so always email to check.

Excluding time set aside for Mini Sessions and Campaigns.

Weekdays I am generally booked up not as far. Please consider taking a little time off work and school to take advantage of this. They are also cheaper, see Pricing Section.


While my shoots are about love and connection, the styling, tones and outfits help tie it all together

Putting thought and effort into choosing your clothing, elevates and enhances your Portraits.

My objective is to capture authentic moments and so I want you to look like you, wear your own clothes, as that is a part of your style and personality.

Coordinating your outfits is best. Matching exactly the same is a bit dated.

Muted, warm, earthy tones of nature look amazing.

If you want to go all neutral, think of different shades of neutral to add depth.

If you love colour add a pop throughout your outfits.
Tie patterns together with colour palettes.
Go for a flowy floral dress and use the tones from that as your  colour palette.

Hats are fab. If it’s winter, add a beanie or scarf here and there.

Avoid bulky jackets and heavy blocks of dark plain if the rest of your outfits are lighter.

Also think about your home and so pics on the wall will look fantastic.

I recently had a shoot with my dogs and wore a floral dress in the colours of my living room as I wanted a big Wall Print.

When you book me in, I will send you a Clothing / Styling brochure and help you with the process

Need some ideas ?