I have a second Portrait business with my close photographer friend, Shona Henderson ( now Carcatsis )

We have known each other for years, I was Shona’s mentor when she was studying for her Diploma in Photography. We became great mates as we clicked, we also have a similar style and work ethic.

It gets lonely at times working and shooting alone so we love our little venture where we get to hang out, have fun and shoot some gorgeous stuff.

It’s called Two Little Birdies and we have Family Portrait Weekends where we do around 24, 30 minute shoots over 2 days.

It started as a couple of weekends a year then escalated over the last 7 years to about 5 weekends a year.
We’ve not done any in 2020 as Shona has been on maternity leave.

We can’t wait for our sessions in 2021. At this stage the first ones are May, all going well. Bookings are not open yet.

Our sessions are pretty amazing !

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